An open platform for finding digital services and products for the digital transformation of economic sectors and spheres of life in the CIS space
Cloud-based modular IT ecosystem to manage the entire facility construction lifecycle using an approved methodology.
In-line robotic systems for non-destructive testing, machining and cleaning of complex branched pipe sections.
Risk management software for equipment reliability and operation of residential and commercial real estate.
Smart coating technology that allows to reduce oxidation and consumption of graphite electrodes by up to 30% during steelmaking / processing in arc furnaces / ladle furnaces.
Discount aggregator that brings together customers, online stores, offline stores and establishments.
Heating system using energy-saving technology - autonomous vacuum-steam and subatmospheric (with adjustable vacuum depth) heating systems for heating residential, public, administrative and industrial buildings.
A cloud-based platform for collecting accounts receivable using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Predictive analytics and real-time data collection from equipment.
The presentation of the navigator will take place on October 21'21 as part of the business program of the forum - live broadcast "CIS Leaders: Digital Future, New Markets"
10.21.21 - [16:00 - 19:00]
10/22/21 - [16:00 - 19:00]
10/23/21 - [16:00 - 19:00]
Online participation only

For developers best digital practices
Add your digital products to the platform demanded by regional, city and commercial customers from Russia and the CIS
For customers best digital practices
Formulate a request to find the best digital solutions for implementation in your infrastructure
company, region, city, university, etc.
Residents, Young scientists
Check out the selection of solutions aimed at improving the quality and comfort of life, production, work, educational processes
A selection of the best digital solutions
Adding your product to the Navigator makes it possible to get into the selection of innovative solutions for urban and commercial customers
Demo sessions
You can personally present your product to potential customers, answer their questions and get feedback
We publish information about the current tasks of companies and constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the CIS, so that you can offer your solution
Opportunity to promote your project in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Recommendations and conclusions
You can request a certificate of the Navigator participant from the Committee for Digital Development, the Association of Accelerators and attach them to the tender documentation or KP

What is a Digital Solution Navigator?
The project "Navigator of digital solutions "Digital partnership" (hereinafter referred to as the" Project ") is a complex open platform for finding digital services and products for the digital transformation of economic sectors and spheres of life in the CIS.
The project is aimed at developing the best digital practices, improving the quality and comfort of the urban environment. For these purposes, the navigator collects (aggregates) information from open sources, from the official websites of manufacturing companies and developers of digital products and services.
    What are the criteria for selecting solutions?
    In the process of analyzing incoming applications, the project team evaluates the compliance of the products with the Order of inclusion of solutions.
    If you were denied adding a solution to the project directory, you can send additional information about your product to or for reconsideration.

    Mandatory requirements:
    - a solution with a maturity stage of at least MVP, new or improved,
    - the legal entity is registered in the territory of the Russian Federation or the CIS countries, is not in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy, is not a distributor of the products of a foreign organization,
    - the application of the solution allows you to obtain economic efficiency or improve technological characteristics in accordance with the list from p.4 Order.
      Why add a solution to Navigator?
      Adding a product to the Digital Partnership Navigator gives a technology company the opportunity to get featured in thematic selections, participate in demo sessions with customers, and declare its product in the bidding system as innovative.
        How do I add a solution to the Navigator?
        There are 2 ways to apply:
        - first - fill out the form for adding a solution on the site,
        - the second is to describe your product and send an email to or
        The project team will respond to the request within two working days.
          How do I edit my solution description?
          If you find an inaccuracy in the description of a product or manufacturer, write in a free format to or
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