Digital Partnership International Convention of Young Leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States Member States
Business Center for CIS Economic Development Association, Committee for CIS Digital Development with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation and the CIS Executive Committee are holding the Digital Partnership Convention of Young Leaders of the CIS Member States from 15 June till 10 October 2021

The international investment company Finstar with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Finstar Financial Group Oleg Boyko became the general partner of the Convention
General Partner
An international investment company founded by a group of investors led by Oleg Boyko in 1996.
Today it is present in 30 countries of the world. Assets under management are more than $ 2 billion.
Finstar is more focused on the fintech and banking sectors, previously had successful projects in the field of IT, real estate, FMCG retail, media and entertainment. In 2012, Finstar focused on promising projects in the digital financial and banking services sector.
Later, it was announced that the company plans to invest about $150 million in the development of portfolio companies and in companies in the field of payment systems, marketing, data processing and credit risk management, engaged in the provision of financial services in Europe, Asia, the CIS countries and Russia.
"In today's world, technologies are developing so rapidly that specialists do not have time to study some technologies, as new ones appear, and with them new challenges.
Only in partnership can we unite talents who feel new trends, see new markets, want to become leaders and create innovative products for use around the world.
We will definitely support the best in the Fintech track, I personally take part in programs to support young talents. I see this as our social mission."
Олег Викторович
международный инвестор, основатель Finstar
The Digital Partnership CIS International Convention is a social educational event for schoolchildren of 8-11 grades, students, young scientists, engineers and IT specialists, startups and entrepreneurs living in Russia and in the CIS member states (the target audience of the project).
Geography of the speakers and participants of the Convention:
  • Russian Federation (85 regions - subjects of the Russian Federation, including: 22 republics, 9 krais, 46 regions, 3 cities of federal significance, 1 autonomous regions, 4 autonomous districts),
  • Full and associated members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine
      The international convention consists of several stages to be implemented sequentially during 2021:
      From 15 June
      an educational program, pre-accelerator,
      27 - 29 August
      an online hackathon
      30 August – 23 September
      an online accelerator
      21–23 October
      a digital forum with a "virtual exhibition" of projects, the Digital Nomination international award of IT solutions for CIS countries.
      The technological tracks of the hackathon and the accelerator
      27 tracks reflecting the formation of new global markets under the influence of digitalization and implementation of end-to-end digital technologies:
      FinTech, EdTech, FashionTech, AgroTech, Creative Industries,
      HealthTech/MedTech, FoodTech, MarTech (Marketing and Communications),
      LifeTech, RetailTech, TravelTech and Tourism, Industrial/PipeInsustryTech,
      Robotics, GameDev, AI and Cyber andDataScience, HRtech, Transport and Mobility, PetTech, EcoTech, ArtTech, SocialTech, AntiCovid, CultureCode, BuildTech, EngineeringTech, Biomedtech, CityTech.
      Tasks of the Convention:

      • Educational program for the formation of projects with digital technologies at various stages of readiness highly demanded by consumers in the CIS markets.
      • Communication of leaders in innovative, digital and technological development of the CIS.
      • Sharing of expertise on new technologies, new markets, and digital technologies.
      • Formation of international, supranational teams of developers of digital projects with the implementation of solutions in the CIS economies.
      • Program of "soft-landing" of international researchers, teams, projects into the subjects of innovative infrastructure (business-incubators, accelerators, technoparks, social innovation centers, etc.) of the CIS.
      • Search for high-tech projects (including social innovations) to strengthen scientific and technological development as the best practices for "digital partnership" - digital products, services, platforms.
      • Development of an ecosystem of cooperation among partners and the target audience in the development of digital high-tech projects.
          The framework of the Convention will include for the first time the ceremony of awarding the "Digital Nomination" CIS International IT Solutions Prize, an independent award of the Committee for CIS Digital Development for project teams using new digital technologies in business. The prize will be awarded to companies with high-tech projects at different stages for cases in the field of digital transformation. The nominees of the Digital Award will receive a special status as projects recommended by the Committee for CIS Digital Development for implementation and will receive the designation of the Best Digital Practice.
          The virtual exhibition of the projects of the Convention is a permanent digital navigator and map of digital transformation cases in the CIS. The specific feature of the format, the online showcase, is supplemented with 3D surveys and video reviews of real "testers" of the product. The virtual exhibition of projects will start operating for the first time in September 2021 and will be regularly complemented with cutting-edge topical projects.
                Topics of the educational program of the Convention

                • "Become a Unicorn" - innovation tools from pre-seed to CIS markets
                • Hackathon school - how to organize and conduct your own hackathon
                • Technological trends in the world and trendwatching
                • New markets and the Unicorn Club
                • LifeTech - technologies for society, social innovations, social entrepreneurship and impact investing
                • "How to learn to study" - softskills for leaders and young scientists
                • Intellectual property for startups - stakeholders, types of IS, procedures, IS-SWOT by startup stages
                • Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty - from everyday questions as an Internet user to the development of new technologies and startups for the new CyberTech market
                • Russia's national projects - support measures for startups and high-tech businesses, and opportunities for young scientists in Russia and the CIS
                • Softskills for CIS leaders - negotiating and conflict management, time management
                • Your startup at university
                • Digital projects and innovative marketing
                • Innovation and business support infrastructure in Russia and the CIS - where to go with a project, from pre-seed to the export stage
                • FinTech and financial literacy
                • Where to get resources for a project - a matrix of sources and algorithms
                • Unit economy of a startup
                  The participation in all stages of the international convention is free.

                  The participants may register for any stage and join each stage depending on their preferences.

                  The events within the frames of the project will be held in a remote format - with the participants (target groups) access to the online environment.
                  Registration for the convention is open online at